Shelby Goldsmith RN

Registered Nurse

Columbus, OH Team

Why 4th Trimester Care: MOMs deserve better care!
The current healthcare system often fails to adequately support new mothers during a vulnerable time in their lives. In many cases, women receive little to no follow-up care after leaving the hospital, which can lead to physical and mental health complications.

Why a Nurse: I chose nursing after losing my Dad to cancer at a young age. It was an incredibly difficult experience, but it provided me with a unique perspective on the healthcare system and the importance of compassionate and competent nursing care. As I witnessed his nurses provide unwavering love and support during our time of need, it motivated me to pursue a nursing career to help other patients and their families navigate the complex and often overwhelming healthcare system we have today.

Career Highlight: Through nursing I have also found a passion in grief education. I have enjoyed blending both into my practice and ultimately providing more authentic, compassionate, and empathetic care.

Personal Tidbit: I have a goldendoodle named Charlie who I absolutely adore and spoil! I also enjoy yoga, hiking and walking on the beach.

Favorite Local Spot: Fox in the Snow


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