One Team.
One Goal.
Optimizing MOM’s Health.

Our team of healthcare professionals proactively partner with you to optimize your health and wellbeing during recovery from pregnancy and delivery. 

Healthy Babies Need Healthy MAMMAs

We team up with your OB Medical Team to extend care beyond delivery during the first two months postpartum. We are here to identify health risks and provide care that supports your recovery.

Benefits to MADRE: 

  • Dedicated Care Navigator to guide your program journey, including planning for postpartum before baby arrives
  • Planned support with regular check-ins to thrive, not just survive
  • After delivery care, so you don’t feel lost
  • Early detection to overcome recovery hurdles
  • Develop confidence feeding your baby
  • Knowledge to properly nourish yourself for recovery
  • Empowered with tools to increase self-confidence and hone in on identity shifts
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  • 4th Trimester Care Program: Columbus, OH
  • 4th Trimester Prep Virtual: Coming in 2023
  • Future Locations: Contact Us

Who’s on your Team

Care Navigators

Meet with you virtually and via phone to help you prepare for and navigate postpartum life.


Assess your health status, address potential complications and provide care to support recovery.

Dietitians + Lactation Support

Identify nutrition status + needs for you and your baby. Along with personalized counseling to optimally nourish your recovery and your baby’s growth.

Mental Health Professionals

Lead group socializing and support sessions that will empower you to increase self-confidence and hone in on identity shifts.

Pelvic Floor Physical or Occupational Therapists

Physical assessment to identify musculoskeletal dysfunction and strength gaps. Building a plan to optimize physical recovery.

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4th Trimester Care is a Partnership for Proactive Health, Inc program. Learn more about our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, program development and donating to support our cause.


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