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Healthy Babies Need Healthy MAMMAs

You’ve probably heard after baby arrives, your health takes a backseat. We’re a team of licensed healthcare professionals writing a new chapter that prioritizes your health + well-being. Join us and let’s have some fun strategizing + implementing what you need to thrive!

3 Steps to an Empowering 4th Trimester

Inspiring Meet + Greet

In planning for baby’s arrival, what about your recovery from pregnancy + delivery?

We’ve got you covered, starting with a complimentary meet + greet to kickoff your journey. Prioritizing your health is key in preparing for an empowering 4th trimester and our team is here to guide you.

Sign up, ideally before 28 weeks pregnant.

4th Trimester Prep

Next step is personalizing a plan for an empowering 4th trimester.

We’ll meet you virtually to individualize the journey for you + your family, including baby feeding. You’ll walk away knowing what you need to find your stride when your newest addition arrives.

Key is, setting yourself up for success.

Navigating the 4th Trimester

Gone is the gap in care from hospital discharge to the 6-week follow-up!

Experience the difference of personalized care + support to optimize your health and well-being. If you’re in Columbus, OH – adding 4th Trimester Recovery + Strong brings this care to you.

Be the best, by prioritizing care for YOU!

Inspiring Meet + Greet Sign Up

Is this all necessary? YES, the US ranks last in maternal health outcomes1,2. We want to see a new chapter where preparations are empowering and personalized just for you – so everyone can thrive. Our dream, an empowering 4th trimester will be available to everyone!

Who’s on your Team

Proactive Health Liaison

Connecting with you virtually and via phone to help you prep for and navigate life with a new baby. Helping you thrive.


Bring you peace of mind through complete in-home health checks, taking those vital signs too. Delivering care to support your health and well-being.


Personalized nourishment plan for you and your baby, including support for all methods of baby feeding. Focusing on optimally fueling you and your baby.

Pelvic Health Physical or Occupational Therapists

In office visit to identify any movement, strength and flexibility gaps. Building a plan to optimize physical health.

Stories + News

Our Families

“This program was a lifesaver! Not only did the team check on and help take care of me after my daughter was born, they helped make postpartum plans while I was still pregnant! It was such a relief knowing I had people to text who could help out if something wasn’t quite right, especially lactation! I have been telling all of my pregnant friends about this program and cannot recommend it enough!”

Chloe, Mom

“With us being first time parents, the extra attention we received provided us with all the confidence we needed to better thrive as a family. My wife felt reassurance from the team’s help, which provided me with a sense of relief that she was in such good hands. I believe it truly changed the way we were able to care for our daughter in the early days of her life.”

John, Dad
“The results are amazing. It’s not only medically and physically helpful, it is a whole new way to open up a life coming into your home. The care [my daughter] received and the dedication of the staff was something we just didn’t expect, we didn’t know existed. And if you have the opportunity for any young mother and any young family to have that as a resource, its just a remarkable way to start out in life.”
Joe, Grandpa

The Perfect Gift!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who is pregnant? An Empowering 4th Trimester is giftable! Contact us to learn more.

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