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Empowering Mammas Challenge

Celebrate Mother’s Day + honor the amazing Mamas in your life by joining our 2nd annual Empowering Mammas Challenge! What’s involved? Handwriting cards with empowering + uplifting words for new moms and/or giving a tax deductible donation to bring care + support to moms during the 4th trimester.

Sign up below to receive information on where to send/drop off your handwritten cards/donation checks or click here to make a donation online via credit card. For online donations, please include Empowering Mammas Challenge in your answer to How did you hear about Partnership for Proactive Health?

Go it solo or gather your loved ones for a card writing party, kids coloring afternoon or giving circle get together to celebrate the moms in your life and pay it forward to the next generation of mamas. Empowering Mammas Challenge runs through May 31, 2024.

Share photos using #4theMAMMAs and tag @4trimestercare on instagram or facebook.

4th Trimester Care is a Partnership for Proactive Health program. All tax deductible donations go to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Partnership for Proactive Health. Added bonus, by joining and submitting handwritten cards and/or donations you’ll be entered into raffle for a founding membership in our new program, Partnering 4 Health, coming in May!

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Community Events in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium: June Meet Up

Date: Sunday, June 2nd at 9:30am

Location: 4850 Powell Rd, Columbus, OH 43065

Cost: Zoo Admission

Join the 4th Trimester Care Team + families as we explore animals at the Columbus Zoo! We cannot wait to see YOU there.

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Old Worthington Night: July Meet Up

Date + Time: Thursday, July 18th at 6:00pm

Location: Old Worthington

Cost: Your Food/Drinks + Shopping Purchases

Join us for an evening of shopping + conversation at Old Worthington’s Night Market. We are looking forward to exploring the shops, food + entertainment with you! Kids are welcome. When you register, we’ll let you know our meeting spot!

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SWEAT Fitness: August Meet Up

Date + Time: Saturday, August 3rd at 8:00am

Location: Darree Fields – 6259 Cosgray Rd, Dublin, 43016

Cost: First Class is Free!

Join us for an empowering bootcamp workout at SWEAT fitness where kids are welcome!  We’re excited to sweat + connect with you. Space is limited – reserve your spot today.

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Designed to empower you to optimize your health + well-being. These are for those who are outside of the 3rd/4th Trimesters.

Personalized Nutrition Bundle

Outside of the 4th Trimester and looking to optimize your health through nutrition? We offer a 3 session bundle with a dietitian to empower you in achieving your health goals. Our personalized bundle guides you in approaching nutrition + food from a place of abundance.

Click below to learn more. Questions contact us.

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Handwritten Empowerment


Handwritten Empowering Cards

We’re always collecting handwritten cards with empowering words to support Mammas 3-4 weeks postpartum.

Who doesn’t love receiving a card filled with kindness? This is a great way to pay it forward individually, as a family, a group of friends or at an event like a baby shower, birthday party, girls night out, Mothers day event, international women’s day celebration, community social,…

Have questions or need to know where to send cards, contact us.

Share photos #4theMAMMAs and tag @4trimestercare on instagram or facebook.

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Request an Empowering Card

We’re always sending new MAMMAs handwritten empowering cards during the 4th trimester.

Who doesn’t love receiving a card in the mail filled with kindness? During the 4th trimester, we know it’s the small things that matter most. If you or someone you know would like to receive an Empowering MAMMAs card, click the link below to complete the request.

Request Requirements: MAMMA in the 4th Trimester (baby has arrived and is <3 months old) and has a USPS Mailing Address.

Have questions, contact us.

Share photos #4theMAMMAs and tag @4trimestercare on instagram or facebook.

Request Empowering MAMMAs Card

Check back for additional events + EmpowerUps!

If there’s something you’re interested in Contact Us.

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4th Trimester Care is a Partnership for Proactive Health, Inc program. Learn more about our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, program development and donating to support. For more information on patient care grants for those with financial need, please contact us.


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