Samantha Parkhurst PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Columbus, OH Team

Why 4th Trimester Care: To provide the ideal care all pregnant and birthing people deserve. I want them to thrive and feel empowered with knowledge and tools similar to what I was given when I was pregnant and birthed my babies in Europe.

Why a Physical Therapist: I chose PT to support and empower people’s healing through education and hands on treatment. My goal is to normalize conversations about the pelvis and all the anatomy connected to it. By providing pathways for people to heal from common pelvic dysfunctions, I am doing my small part to better society.

Career Highlight: I had the privilege of treating a first time MOMMA during pregnancy and post delivery. Her words are why I do what I do…”Dr Sam truly listened to my concerns and provided exercises and tips to help. It was so refreshing to feel heard and no longer second guess myself about the very real pain I was feeling. I learned so much from her about the pelvic floor and truly believe her tips also helped me to have a smoother natural unmedicated birth.”

Personal Tidbit: My favorite is stopping and resting with my family and friends, maybe enjoying some yummy food and good convo and laughs. Being present and filling up my cup is the best!

Favorite Local Spot: I live in Westerville and my favorite local spot is Northstar Cafe. Their food is perfection and my besties and I enjoy solving the world’s problems there!

My Word: MOM

To learn more about my professional background visit: LinkedIn-Icon-4th-Trimester-Care

My office The Educated Pelvis is located in Westerville.