Kelsey Campbell MS, LAT

Proactive Health Liaison

Columbus, OH Team

Why 4th Trimester Care: Empowering MOMs to be the best version of themselves.

Why a Proactive Health Liaison: I love helping people and working them from start to finish. The opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s journey and be a person they can trust is incredibly rewarding.

Career Highlight: Each time I am working with someone and they are able to return to what they love doing. Seeing people reach their goals brings me so much joy.

Personal Tidbit: My husband and I have a son and a sweet goldendoodle. I love to read and be active.

Favorite Local Spot: The Pint Room.

My WHY: Be Present. Live Gratefully. Laugh Often.

My Word: MAMA

To learn more about my professional background visit: LinkedIn-Icon-4th-Trimester-Care