4th Trimester Care Program - Our Columbus Team - Kara McMickle

Kara McMickle RDN, LD, CLC

Registered Dietitian, Lactation Support

Columbus, OH Team

Why 4th Trimester Care: To help MOMs thrive.

Why a Dietitian: I became a Dietitian because I love food! I became a lactation consultant to help educate & support MOMs in their feeding journey.

Career Highlight: Supporting a MOM in breastfeeding her daughter. At WIC, one particular MOM comes to mind as she came in feeling lost, defeated and ready to give up on breastfeeding. Through working work with her, latching was mastered allowing mom to find success with feeding. On her return visits she made sure to see me, which was the biggest compliment. I loved watching her daughter achieve milestones and help MOM nourish her daughter’s growth through changing nutrition needs.

Personal Tidbit: My husband Sean and I met at Ohio State in our Dietetics program. We have two young boys and being their MOM brings me so much joy. I love sharing kindness, my love for activity/being outdoors and building communities.

Favorite Local Spot: Worthington Farmers Market

My Word: Be grateful and make a difference.


To learn more about my professional background visit: LinkedIn-Icon-4th-Trimester-Care