Alyson Stickel RN

Registered Nurse

Columbus, OH Team

Why 4th Trimester Care: Women deserve to be taken care of from a holistic multifaceted approach.

Why a Nurse: I became a nurse because I am passionate about caring for others and helping them find better health to allow them to live the lives they desire. I enjoy educating others about how their bodies function and how to best take care of themselves.

Career Highlight: I have had many experiences throughout my nursing career that have touched my life and that I will never forget from delivering babies to holding the hand of cancer patients in their last days. I am thankful for each experience as it teaches me everyday how important it is to be thankful for each day.

Personal Tidbit: I am a certified Katonah Yoga® teacher and went through the Mama Glow Doula Training. I am constantly trying to expand my knowledge of health and grow myself!

Favorite Local Spot: Oneline Coffee

My Why: To find the joy. Receive the grace of my efforts.

My Word: Mom :)

To learn more about my professional background visit: LinkedIn-Icon-4th-Trimester-Care

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