Allison Ingley PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Columbus, OH Team

Why 4th Trimester Care: I am passionate about providing holistic and highly supportive pregnant and postpartum care!

Why a Physical Therapist: Following the birth of our first son, I experienced an embarrassing and devastating bout of wetting my pants at the gym after being cleared to return to activity. I was convinced my body must be broken and volunteered for a physical therapy training to learn how to treat pelvic floor dysfunctions – which changed my life in more ways than I could’ve imagined! Personally, I was able to resolve my pelvic pain and have additional healthy pregnancies and deliveries without symptoms. Professionally, the pelvic floor training brought me to the population I was meant to work with.

Career Highlight: The opportunity to be a teaching assistant for the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. I love teaching cohorts of physical therapists wanting to learn about providing care for all people with pelvic dysfunction in their communities!

Personal Tidbit: My husband and I met in middle school, started dating in high school and got married on the 6-year anniversary of our first date accidentally (we found a ticket stub from the movie we saw on our first date 1 year after we set our wedding date).

Favorite Local Spot: I live in Delaware, Ohio and my favorite spot is the Rocks and Roots Trail at Alum Creek.

My Word: Mom

To learn more about my professional background visit: LinkedIn-Icon-4th-Trimester-Care

My office Core Strong Physical Therapy is located in Powell.