Alexis Meister PT, DPT, WCS, ATC

Physical Therapist

Columbus, OH Team

Why 4th Trimester Care: After birth- it’s all about baby. Let’s prioritize MOM!

Why a Physical Therapist: I’ve always been an active person and knew I wanted a career that supported movement (I don’t think I could sit at a desk all day!) Prior to PT school, I received my bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training. I enjoyed working with an active, motivated population. During my time in graduate school, I was fortunate enough to have a clinical that focused on Women’s health and pelvic floor therapy- It was fascinating! I learned so much and realized how underserved this area is. I chose to focus my career in this area and never looked back. Now, I get to use both my degrees to help women get back to their highest level of function- it’s so rewarding!

Career Highlight: Seeing women begin to believe in themselves and watching their self confidence grow as they progress through their plan of care! One patient in particular always stands out: she was told her only option to improve her leakage and pain was surgery- after a few weeks of physical therapy, she stopped wearing pads and had sex without pain for the first time in years! -and no surgery needed! Even though her symptom improvement was amazing, seeing the growth in her self confidence was the most rewarding part.

Personal Tidbit: I love teaching yoga! I’m a registered yoga teacher and lead 2-3 classes a week. Yoga helps connect my mind, body, and soul– keeping me grounded and sane!

Favorite Local Spot: I live in Grandview Heights, Ohio. I love heading down to German Village to peruse the Book Loft then head to Schiller park for a walk!

My Word: Mom!

My office Columbus Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is located in Clintonville.